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Brought to you by the Schuitema Human Excellence Group

Since 1989, Schuitema has partnered with over 200 companies in 26 countries, in industries as disparate as agriculture and IT, in order to establish leadership, team & personal excellence.

Schuitema is now bringing the coaching to you, straight to your device, wherever and whenever you like!

What we doWho we are


Our Client

The 21st century human being.

Their Wants & Needs

Security; Fulfilment; Power; Harmony in times of catastrophic change.

The Transformation We Bring

The shift of attention from taking to giving.

Our Benevolent Intent

To enable people to triumph as human beings.

Introduction to Our Thematic

Care and Growth is a universal leadership thematic that is based on the premise that we exist to serve the other, and in doing so, we actually serve the highest of our own self-interest.

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